Righteous Anger or Mass Damnation and F-Bombed Blasphemy?

This part of the page will have screenshots and commentary of him telling various people they are going to hell. These people include people who supported him financially, his ex-wives, his family members and even people who just dared ask why he called himself an apostle. Ironically, this quote is on main frame on every page of his website and reminds us that only G-d himself can choose who gets salvation. Apparently, G-d and Daniel.

Interesting choice of a tagline, considering that these screen captures below are just a TINY TINY portion of the people who he has claimed God himself has told him to tell them they are off to hell. These are the ones that appeared on his page, he liked visiting other's facebook pages to deliver the good news.

Here's his prophetic word honoring his own family.

And here's just a tiny taste of what he tells everyone else.

Here's what he has to say to a couple that is rumored to have sent him over a thousand dollars a month to live on for a year.

His tantrums are not just limited to telling people they are going to hell. He has, as he calls it, righteous hatred. Here's just a tiny slice of that in action. In the bible there was some righteous hatred against the truly wicked, but Daniel's infantile tantrums come forth with the slightest disagreement.

Wow, did he just tell that woman that because she got into an intellectual disagreement with him about interpreting the bible that he would rip her husband in two and kill her children and send her to hell? Yes, he did! I've posted a few angry things on facebook before, but I woke up the next day and felt terrible and apologized. Daniel let this sit on his page for almost 2 weeks until he pushed and pushed and pushed until his page was deleted.

Here is a post from almost a year ago showing that his graphic and threatening tirades were not new, and not unique to facebook.

It doesn't take much to get him mean, either. Here he is letting two people know how to say G-ds name, which I'm pretty sure he was pronouncing differently when he first came to PSU compared to how he does now after his cross-country adventure.

As his frustration mounted, he increasingly used the words fuck and shit and attributed them as direct quotes from G-d. here he explains why it is okay for him to both be a holy apostle and swear like a drunken sailor. After the floodgates opened rather than repenting he swore more and more.
A lot of people tried to reason with him and ask him to be nicer, here's how that went.

Telling people they were saying G-ds name wrong was a popular distraction for Daniel when he was loosing an argument. I'll upload some examples of this later, but I got an email pointing out just one of many of the name's he's used for G-d. Click on each letter of this old name he used for G-d for another example of him calling G-d Y a V e h.

With all his fire and brimstone, he only got one convert as far as I can tell. Looks like he was surprised himself the one time it worked!

Again, this is just a tiny, tiny portion of what he put online, what I could grab in screenshots in a few minutes before the page came down. This is the tip of the iceberg, but should be plenty to convince you that this man is far from G-dly. There's nothing good about the news he's spreading!

His escapades didn't even stop when his facebook account was turned off temporarily.. he continued fromjpg a shell account, sometimes trying to hide it and other times admitting who he was. These were emailed to me from one of my postings. We don't know for SuRE its Daniel like the posts that show is name and picture, but I'd bet on it.

I also specifically remember him squarely loosing 2 scriptural arguments, one where he declared that he had to take a year's honeymoon after being married and another where he tried to argue he could still be an apostle after being married, or keep the Torah after being married twice. I would really appreciate being emailed screenshots of these events, I only have partial ones.